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The 10 models of phones with increased cancer risk

11 Junio 2011 , Escrito por El polvorín Etiquetado en #Politica

Saturday 11 june 2011
Ranking de celularer cancerígenos
Ranking of cancer cell
Following publication of the WHO report on the possibility of cancer through the use of cell phones, many consumers panicked. The first thing to clarify is that the risk occurs with high exposure to the apparatus. And then, that this risk is reduced largely to a few simple precautions.

The Federal Communications Commission of USA (FCC) requires cellular suitable for everyday use should have a value of SAR (specific absorption rate) less than 1.6 watts per kilogram. In this sense, the CNN news network published a list of cell phones and increased risk of minor:
Higher levels of radiation:

1. Motorola Bravo: 1.59 W / kg
2. Droid 2: 1.58 W / kg
3. Palm Pixi: 1.56 W / kg
4. Motorola Boost: 1.55 W / kg
5. Blackberry Bold: 1.55 W / kg
6. Motorola i335: 1.55 W / kg
7. HTC Magic: 1.55 W / kg
8. Motorola W385: 1.54 W / kg
9. Boost Motorola i290: 1.54 W / kg
10. (Tied) DEFY Motorola, Motorola Quantico, Motorola Charm: 1.53 W / kg

Lower levels of radiation:

1. Quantum LG: 0.35 W / kg
2. Casio EXILIM: 0.53 W / kg
3. Pantech Breeze II: 0.55 W / kg
4. Sanyo Katana II: 0.55 W / kg
5. Samsung Fascinate: 0.57 W / kg
6. Samsung Mesmerize: 0.57 W / kg
7. Samsung SGH-A197: 0.59 W / kg
8. Samsung Contour: 0.60 W / kg
9. Samsung Gravity T: 0.62 W / kg
10. (Tie) Motorola i890, Samsung SGH-T249: 0.63 W / kg

It is worth mentioning that the iPhone is not included in the ranking but whose values ​​would be in the average risk (1.14 W / kg.). The curious thing about this case is that the company rejected an application that measured levels of Apple device.

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